Astrid, my mother,
was an artist who gave up her career to be a mother.......
a decision she made before she became pregnant with me   :  )
Her life was scarred by WWII and deep personal tragedy.

Well, here she is, as I saw her over the years,
or as she wanted to be seen
through my camera.

If you scroll down far enough,
you will see Astrid's sculptures.

The artist in her came out again and again,
showing who she was inside,
besides being a mother, my mother,
which was not easy, hi hi.......

Dear Mother:  Your art lives in me in other forms.......
Thank you for your sacrifices
and here is your exhibition,
as a gift to you.


poetic montage is an act of fate.....somehow the film got double exposed
and this is my mother after coming back from the brink of death in the hospital,
surrounded by swans........


see you on the other side...........



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